Fiona Hull 24th June 2017

My darling dog arrived in spain happy, clean, relaxed and had clearky been treated with a lot of TLC by the lovely guys who took care of him from my door in lancashire to door in torrevieja.i truly cannot fault them.thankyou so much.highly recommended if you want your beloved pets to have the best 5** travel xxthankyou from the bottom of my heart for your care of my Archie.X

Fiona Hull June 29, 2017

Amanda Burnside· 27 February 2017

Hi Linda,
Just wanted so say a huge thank you to you, Scott and Craig for getting Goldie to my mum & dad in uk. She arrived this afternoon happy and well. The guys have done an amazing job looking after her. You have all made this experience so much easier for us. From enquiring about your service to delivery of our pet you have been amazing. Your friendly helpful nature and your dedication as a team is outstanding. Thank you again xx

Amanda Burnside June 29, 2017

A big thank you Linda for making everything so easy for me, when I have sent 2 cats abroad now.
The new changes had scared me and I thought, I will never sent any animal for adoption abroad, but you did it so smooth, that I am not scared anymore!
Brilliant service!

BiVi UK May 14, 2014

I have to say from start to finish your service was truly amazing, you delivered well and above my expectations and i will be recommending you to every animal person i know for your services. Thank you for the email after to check how he had settled.

I just hope everyone will take my advice and use your business for any animal transportation, you also made a phenomenal impression with one of the best DDB breeders in the UK.

Keep an eye out for the puppys father on Crufts

Andrew Heath UK May 14, 2014

This is the first time I have used this transport and I have rescued 5 dogs so far. I would like to say a massive thanks to Linda and her hubby Antonio and the rest of her team for making this one of the most memorable trips I have had. The tracker is a brilliant idea which allows you to keep track of everything that is happening with the van. When the van arrived at me the first thing I noticed was what a Pleasant well mannered polite man Antonio was as was Jose his co/ driver. After a firm handshake and a pleasant hello Antonio opened the side of the van so I could finally meet Leon our old boy who we had waited so patiently for. There he was finally right in front of me waiting to come home:) Now after two days on the road you would think the van would be a bit of a mess but boy you could not be further from the truth. The van was spotless and no doggy smells, every cage occupied or not was spotless with all the doggies having plenty of comfortable items to lie on and nothing lying about that should not be there. Antonio allowed myself a few minutes to meet Leon then he did what no other transporter has done and used his brain !!! He shut the side door before putting Leon on a lead so if he slipped it he was still stuck in the van. After coming out the van Antonio took Leon for a little walk to get a pee but he walked up to a car and chose the front wheel instead . Jose formalised the paperwork as this was happening so I was then free to go on my way. So in summing up my experience with the transport side of getting Leon home all I can say is ....Amazing, Professional, Pleasant and outstanding.... would I use again? In a heartbeat even if I was offered half price transport elsewhere. Thank you again all involved xx

Julie Mackie Scotland May 14, 2014